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Winchester Unitarian Society


March 16, 3:00 pm





People of the two nations that lived together for hundreds of years have recently been victim to the most vicious brand of politics exacerbated by the most intense and aggressive media storm from both sides. Russians and Ukrainians, both within Ukraine and outside, are being artificially pitted against each other as a result of this political hostility and are for the first time in history on the verge of armed conflict with each other.


We, Russian and Ukrainian musicians, find this situation unacceptable! This concert is a statement of everlasting brotherhood between our people. It's a statement that we won't let politicians make us hate each other over their games. This concert is to show the world that we can see through their ploys and will not sacrifice our humanity! 






Passacaglia for violin and cello                                                                                          Handel-Halvorsen

Ilana Zaks, violin

Eric Zaks, cello



Melody                                                                                                                            P. I. Tchaikovsky

Melody                                                                                                                            M.Skoryk

Olga Patramanskaya, violin

Lydiya Yankovskaya, piano



French Suite in D-minor BWV 812                                                                                    J.S. Bach

Artem Belogurov, piano



String trio in B-flat major                                                                                                 F. Schubert

Olga Patramanskaya, violin

Alexander Vavilov, viola

Daria Janssen-Titova, cello



Allemande and Sarabande from Partita for solo violin in B-minor BWV 1002                           J.S Bach

Daniel Kurganov, violin






Spellbound Dream and Northern Star from Legends: Fantasy Violin suite                             J. Okrusko

Julia Okrusko, violin


Sonata for viola and piano in f-minor op.120 N1                                                                  J. Brahms

       Allegro appassionato

Alexander Vavilov, viola

Artem Belogurov, piano 


Preludio-Fantasio from suite for solo cello                                                                         G. Cassado

Daria Janssen-Titova, cello


Andante from Sinfonia Concertante for violin and viola K.364                                              W. A. Mozart

Olga Patramanskaya, violin

Alexander Vavilov, viola

Artem Belogurov, piano


Syrinx for solo flute                                                                                                        C. Debussy

Jazz improvisation

Yulia Musayelyan, flute

Alexei Tsiganov, iano


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