Download the fund poster to help spread awareness and raise funds for Ukrainian musicians!

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In the recent days I had a lot of conversations with my old musician friends in Ukraine. Most of these families are currently displaced and torn apart by the war. I have also heard from a lot of friends with generous offers of help. It is clear that while the need is enormous and urgent, so is the will to do good and it is our responsibility to connect one with the other!

As a result, I decided to start a resource page which will be made available specifically to musicians of Ukraine and their families, who are currently enduring the ordeal of exile from their own country due to this horrific war. The idea is to create a list of people/organizations offering help of any kind, in any country, specifically to musicians of Ukraine and their families. In addition to the much needed offerings of assistance with food, shelter, funds, and logistics, a musician-specific offerings are in demand as well. These can include instrument loans, instrument supplies and service offers, gig opportunities, employment connections, teaching opportunities and others. 

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